Soy Grit Toasted

Soy Grit Toasted

Product Description

Soy Grit is nothing but ground, screened, graded products obtained after extracting most of the oil from selected soybean. Soy grits are toasted cracked soybeans that are usually the size of very coarse cornmeal. Soy grits are rich in protein and amino acids. Good quality soy grits are comparable to meat and milk.

The soy grits are nothing but the coarsely ground soy grit. The soy grits come in different sizes from tiny chunks to the size of grape nuts. The soy grits are usually segmented into three types of sizes which are coarse, medium, and fine. Soy grits are more widely used as compared to soy flakes. Owing to the low price and other multiple health benefits the global soy grit market is significantly rising.

There is not much difference between soy grits and soy flakes. Soy grits are ground dehulled soybeans, whereas soy flakes are dehulled and cracked soybeans that have been pressed through rollers. Soy grits and flakes are often roasted to increase digestibility and to improve shelf-life, and sometimes the oil is removed (to obtain defatted soy grits and flakes). Soy flakes can be used the way you use rolled oats. Soy grits can be added to cooked cereals, bread, soups, meatballs, casseroles, stews, etc. to improve texture and nutritional value.

Prestige Defatted Soy Grits Toasted is rich in protein, ensuring natural purity derived from the processing of NON-GMO soybean. It is a very good raw material for the manufacturing of food products like soy sauce, high protein foods, fortification of cereals grit, RTE foods, etc.

Health Benefits

Soy Grit provide high-quality protein and are generally lower in saturated fat. Soy is referred to as a “complete” plant-based protein because it contains all nine essential amino acids in the necessary amounts.

Soy Grit may offer protection against heart disease, as they are lower in saturated fat and high in polyunsaturated fats. Soy protein lowers circulating LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C) levels.

Multiple components of Soy Grit may have blood-pressure-lowering effects. For example, digestion of soy protein may produce small chains of amino acids, the building blocks of protein, that lower blood pressure.

Soy Grit as part of a healthy lifestyle can help with weight management and reduction of excess abdominal weight.

The addition of fermented foods, including fermented soy foods, may improve cognitive function for those with mental health conditions.

Evidence suggests soy isoflavones may increase collagen synthesis and reduce wrinkles.

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Defatted soy grits is a processed product, made using finely grounded defatted soy meal, containing less than 1% oil. Defatted soy grits are largely used as an essential ingredient in cereal products including rice, wheat, and corn.

Defatted untoasted soy grits are also widely used in soy nuggets. Meanwhile, defatted soy grits toasted are also being used in preparing cakes, pasta, bakery products, soups, gravies, and in the fortification of sweet goods, and cereals. Features like stabilizing high water absorption and emulsification are driving the demand for defatted soy grits in various food products.

Soybean grits are used for making soymilk, tofu, soybean grit, soybean powder, isolated soybean protein, and other soybean foods and ingredients.


Content % Flakes (P1) Grit (P2)
Protein % (Min.) 51 50 - 52
Moisture % (Max.) 10 9
Acid Insoluble Ash %(Max.) 0.4 0.4
Total Ash %(Max.) 6.0 6.0
Fiber %(Max.) 3.50 3.50
Fat %(Max.) 1.0 1.0
NSI % 62 - 67 62 - 67
PDI % 75 - 80 75 - 80
Nitrogen %(Min.) 8.16 8 - 8.32
Urease Activity mgn 1.75 - 2 1.75 - 2
-- %(Min.) -1400 micro : 90 %-250 micro : 90%
Sieve* -- -- -150 micro : 75%
Analysis %(Max.) -250 micro : 10% --

Available in : PP bag - 50 Kg, Jumbo bags & bulk in containers TF2 - PP bag - 50 Kg