Soy Flour Untoasted

Soy Flour Untoasted

Product Description

Soy Flour Untoasted is obtained from Indian Non-Gmo clean, healthy golden yellow soybean seeds by the process of dehulling, flaking, extracting, desolventizing toasting, and grinding in a pneumatic mill to requisite particle size to get a fine powder of creamish yellow color.

Soy Flour is more a high-protein powder than a true flour (typically produced from carbohydrate-rich cereal grains). The various types of soy flour are subjected to various amounts of heat processing for different end uses. The more the moist heat treatment (usually steaming, which may also be called toasting), the higher the protein quality and nutritional value, and the lower the protein solubility or dispensability.

Soy Flour Untoasted is a high protein, low in fat product, maintains the balance of essential amino acids in the body which is required for the development of muscle, connective tissue & enzymes and is the simplest form of soy protein.

Enriched with rich nutritional content, our untoasted Soy Flour is high in demand among the buyers. Our domain expertise has enabled us to furnish safe and quick deliveries within a stipulated period of time. Our soy flour is good in taste, hygienically packed, no artificial flavour, rich in protein and fat-free.

Health Benefits

Soy flour provide high-quality protein and are generally lower in saturated fat. Soy is referred to as a “complete” plant-based protein because it contains all nine essential amino acids in the necessary amounts.

Soy flour may offer protection against heart disease, as they are lower in saturated fat and high in polyunsaturated fats. Soy protein lowers circulating LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C) levels.

Multiple components of Soy flour may have blood-pressure-lowering effects. For example, digestion of soy protein may produce small chains of amino acids, the building blocks of protein, that lower blood pressure.

Soy flour as part of a healthy lifestyle can help with weight management and reduction of excess abdominal weight.

The addition of fermented foods, including fermented soy foods, may improve cognitive function for those with mental health conditions.

Evidence suggests soy isoflavones may increase collagen synthesis and reduce wrinkles.

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These products are widely used and appreciated in fortification of cereals to form composite flours, which are replacement of solids in bakery products, non-fat milk, all purpose food blends, textured vegetable protein and many others. Being fully fat proof, these products are highly nutritive and functional.

In home cooking, Soy Flour is used as a thickening agent in gravies and sauces. In baked products, Soy Flour adds tenderness and moisture and helps to keep products from becoming stale. Soy Flour also makes a good egg substitute in baked products.

Can be used in medicine to chemicals and even as glue in wood manufacturing.

Other Uses:-In Soy Milk, Soy-Yogurt, Soy-Paneer (TOFU)


Content % Flakes (P1) Flour (P2)
Protein % (Min.) 51 50 - 52
Moisture % (Max.) 10 9
Acid Insoluble Ash %(Max.) 0.4 0.4
Total Ash %(Max.) 6.0 6.0
Fiber %(Max.) 3.50 3.50
Fat %(Max.) 1.0 1.0
NSI % 62 - 67 62 - 67
PDI % 75 - 80 75 - 80
Nitrogen %(Min.) 8.16 8 - 8.32
Urease Activity mgn 1.75 - 2 1.75 - 2
-- %(Min.) -1400 micro : 90 %-250 micro : 90%
Sieve* -- -- -150 micro : 75%
Analysis %(Max.) -250 micro : 10% --

Available in : PP bag - 50 Kg, Jumbo bags & bulk in containers TF2 - PP bag - 50 Kg