Product Description

Soy Lecithin is a brownish colored viscous liquid which is obtained while refining of Soy oil at the water degumming stage. The gums (hydratable phosphatides) are heated under vacuum to remove the moisture. Soybean lecithin is a complex mixture of phospholipids, glycolipids, triglycerides, sterols, and small quantities of fatty acids, carbohydrates, and sphingolipids.

It has emulsifying properties means it will let oil and water (or two similar liquids) stay mixed together.

Lecithin has long been an important component of a myriad of both food and non-food products and is one of the most versatile and valuable by-products of the oilseed industry. In foods, lecithin provides about a dozen functions, including as an emulsifier, as a wetting agent, for viscosity reduction, as release agents, and for crystallization control. Lecithin also provides functions in numerous industrial applications as well.

Lecithin is not a single substance but rather a group of chemicals belonging to compounds called phospholipids. Phospholipid, a type of fat that helps maintain the integrity of cells, are vital to the normal functioning of the brain, nerves, liver, and other vital organs.

Although historically soybean has been the major source of lecithin worldwide, others are being sought because of increased demands for non-Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) lecithin, including canola and sunflower.

Prestige India is one of the main suppliers & exporter for Soy Lecithin in India, We offer Soy Lecithin in three forms i.e. Soy Lecithin Liquid & Soy Lecithin Powder, and Soy Lecithin Granules. We have lecithin for food, feed, pharmaceuticals, and industrial applications.

Health Benefits - A Safe, Natural Nutrient

• Soy lecithin increased liver production of good (HDL) cholesterol. Good cholesterol helps remove other forms of cholesterol from the body and protect against heart attack and stroke.

• Lecithin contains a phospholipid called phosphatidylinositol, a natural compound that may be effective against panic disorder.

• Lecithin may improve the body’s resilience to stress.

• The lecithin derivative phosphatidylcholine makes up over 70% of the total fats found in the mucus layer covering the inner surface of the intestine. This layer serves as a protective barrier that helps maintain the digestive tract from bacteria.

• Lecithin may help transport fat-soluble drugs and nutrients across fat insoluble cell membranes.

• Lecithin supplementation was also strongly associated with reduced incidence of breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

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The food industry has long recognized the importance of lecithin as a critical component in processing. Lecithin helps in smoothening the texture of food items such as chocolate and margarine and makes instant foods easy to dissolve.

Food Items

Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

Lecithins greatly reduce the surface tension of fats, enabling particles of chocolate, sugar, and milk products, for example, to be coated, improving flow and mixability.


Because of its nutritional and emulsifying properties, it is widely used in bakeries to change the texture in certain baked goods and keeps it moister and fresher for a longer period. Lecithin is used in a variety of baked items including bread, cakes, casseroles, and cookie dough.

Chocolates & Confectionaries

Lecithin is an important ingredient in chocolate, caramels, confectionary coatings for spattering control, to prevent crystallization and as an emulsifier.

Instant Foods & Beverages

lecithin is a wetting, dispersing, and emulsifying tool for powdered products, such as cake mixes, cocoa powder, and instant powder mixes.

Non Food items

Personal care

Lecithin is used in lotions, creams, ointments, salves, body washes, shampoos, sun care products & after sun products, body butter, makeup products.


In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used as a wetting agent, dispersing agent, carrier, and emulsifier. it is often used for intravenous (IV) emulsions.


  • It is used in latex and resin emulsion paints.
  • It helps in stabilizing and thickening paints, giving long-lasting smooth, creamy consistency and maximum stability.
  • Widely used by the leather manufacturer.
  • It enhances the color of the ink and also helps in formulations for removing offset & ink.
  • It is used as a Wetting and softening agent in the leather industry.
  • Used as an accelerating, dispersing, and softening agent in the Rubber industry.
  • Used by resins & plastics industry as mould lubricant.
  • Used as antioxidant & additive to lubricant, to prevent gum formation in the Petroleum Derivatives Industry.

Animal feed

Lecithins play an important role in animal nutrition. It improves the digestibility of the feed fats and fat-soluble vitamins. It enhances the nutrition effects in pigs, poultry, and fish farming. Lecithin produces good results in cattle feeding also.


Content % Food Grade Feed Grade
Acetone Insoluble % (Min.) 62 60
Toluene Insoluble % (Max.) 0.3 0.3
Acid Value KOH/g(Max.) 30 30
Peroxide Value m.eq.(Max) 5 5
Colour Grand 10% Diluted in Toluene 10-13 10-13
Moisture %(Max.) 1 1

Available in : HDPE drums - 200 Kg.